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Ayurveda and Embracing the Natural Approach to Skincare

Ayurveda and Embracing the Natural Approach to Skincare


Ayurveda Beauty


I previously trained as a makeup artist and worked in London. While I thoroughly enjoyed the job and loved getting the opportunity to be creative and experiment with amazing products, I began to feel uneasy at the increasingly unattainable beauty standards which were being pushed by the industry. While living in Barcelona and studying fashion, I began to practice yoga daily and began to take a more ayurvedic approach to my wellness and skin routine. I fell in love with Ayurvedic treatments and its recipes for the skin.


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the 5000 year old ancient healing practice from India. In Sanskrit Ayur means life and Veda means science or knowledge - Ayurveda therefore literally translates to “Knowledge of Life”. Somehow its ancient teachings feel even more relevant in today’s world. Instead of trying to sell a miracle product it is an overall philosophy that teaches us healthy skin is more to do with a combination of diet, sleep, lifestyle and self care. 

An Ayurvedic approach to diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, relaxation and meditation can all fuse together to result in a healthy mind, body and spirit. The philosophy behind Ayurvedic beauty treatments focuses more on self care and inner wellness. Essentially by taking care of your overall well being, you will begin to glow from within. Combined with yoga, ayurveda helped me create a harmony between working in fashion and my overall personal wellness. I am pretty passionate about it and love mixing up homemade face masks or massage oil combinations to care for my skin. Because one of the most important aspects of Ayurveda is its natural remedies for healing, its approach to skin and hair care make the perfect counterbalance to the pressures of modern day beauty standards. 


The Different Skin Types (Doshas) in Ayurveda 

Ayurveda has three different types of skin - Vata, Pita and Kapha. 
Vata - Thin, Dry and Delicate and associated with the element Wind
Pita - Sensitive, Soft and Warm and associated with the element Fire
Kapha - Oily and Thick and  associated with the element Water

Depending on your Dosha there are different remedies to keep your skin and hair healthy and in balance. For each type of skin or Dosha there are numerous natural options for skin and hair care. All of which can easily be introduced into our daily beauty routines. Instead of spending time scrolling on social media and being over exposed to perfectly edited images, set 15 minutes aside each week to give yourself a relaxing ayurvedic home treatment.


Easy ways to introduce Ayurveda into your beauty routine 

According to Ayurveda, drinking Coconut Water daily improves hair growth. If you do Yoga, shoulder stand, camel pose, cobra, cow and camel twist all stimulate scalp circulation to aid a healthy mane. For skin care, taking turmeric daily will help you achieve a glowing complexion. I always mix a teaspoon of turmeric into my hot cacao and also make face masks with it. Neem or Sandalwood soap are amazing for bathing as they are non irritants, so are soothing for the skin. My favourite is spritzing rose water to tone the face each night. I also mix a teaspoon of rose powder and a splash of rose water to make a cooling face mask once a week. It is so refreshing for the skin and helps to reduce redness as it is full of anti-inflammatory properties. 


That is a really brief introduction into Ayurveda Beauty. Over the next few digital issues of the White Night Journal I will talk more about it and share different ayurvedic face mask recipes and treatments that I love.
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