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Pre Order and Sustainability

Pre Order and Sustainability

What is a trunk show? And How Pre-Order became the new way to shop

We are always looking for the most conscious and sustainable way to produce our collections. Traditionally trunk shows are when a designer shows their collection to clients in a store or a venue. The clothes are then available on a made to order basis. We love doing trunk shows as we are very conscious of over production and waste so it enables us to create the pieces that customers want and also keep the collection exclusive and to the highest quality. 



How long clothes actually take to make

Something that has gotten lost over the last few years is how long clothes actually take to make. As a society we have become accustomed to everything being available immediately and this further fuels our human tendency to over consume. We have always worked off a slow fashion model because of our deep respect for traditional craftsmanship in fabric and pattern making to sewing and construction. Our desire has always been to keep the artisanal spirit alive and create beautiful pieces to be cherished.



We encourage customers to make conscious thought out purchasing decisions as we are increasingly concerned about the excessive number of returns made from online shopping especially around Christmas. Sometimes the clothes returned never even make it back to being resold as it is cheaper just to send them to a landfill. Mass market fashion has completely devalued the art of dressmaking and reduced clothing to disposable items.




All good things take time

When you create pieces properly with original patterns, french seams and natural fabrics it is just impossible to speed up the process unless you are willing to cut corners and exploit workers. All good things take time and we have been so fortunate to have loyal clients that understand this. Building a mutual respect between the creators and wearer is something we nurture and are deeply grateful for. After all the care put into designing and making our pieces, seeing them find their forever homes and come to life on our clients is something quite special.


As we grow we want to maintain this level of exclusivity and intimacy for White Night. We will launch our first digital Trunk Show on our online store in December. The collection will be available for pre-order and run until January, with pieces being shipped in April 2023. 



It is important for us to maintain high standards and ensure luxury finishing for all our garments which is why we will continue with our bespoke model. We work with small artisans who are dedicated to their craft and skills and we want to continue to combine modern design with traditional making. 



Our cashmere pieces are made from the finest Cariaggi Cashmere and made just outside Barcelona. Our leather bags are handcrafted in the south of Spain, in a village where leather goods have been made for decades. All of the fabrics used in the collection are natural and created especially for our pieces. We only use luxury materials such as silk, crepe, wool, linen and organic cotton. 

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